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Is the issue of client crashing during your enjoying of the game makes your frustrating? We get some tips here to share you and solve this problem! Avoid the client crash, and adventure you Guild Wars 2 to smoothly and fluently! If additional gw2 gold is needed, just come to pick up purely manual, cheapest guild wars 2 gold on gw2goldtaker!

We know quick network speed and fluent animation is always a most enjoyable experience for players who are addicted into the game, as it makes perfect for them to kill the boss, collect cheap gw2 gold and gain great XP. And the crash is what we hate most, and it sometimes makes us frustrated. So how to avoid client crash?

What To Do When Client Crashes

We know as a 3D game online, Guild Wars 2 requires senior computer configuration, or, you may encounter client crashes. So when it occurs, firstly check out your computer configuration!

Guarantee Enough Internal Memory: If you can play the game on your computer very fluently, try to spare more internal memory for gaming. Set lower image quality before you enter the battlefield to game in order to alleviate the burden for computer. Also, close all needless procedures when you are gaming in case they rob the internal memory resources. Try to use 64 bit operating system on your computer, and upgrade your memory space to 4G or even larger!

Guarantee Enough Avail Disk Space: Make sure there are at least 10% free space in your system disk and more than 25G hard disk space for your client to run fluently!

Through the above ways, easily improve your game experience, and get a cheerful adventure without any disturb! Have fun in gaming! And if you need more gold for GW2 game, don’t forget to order 100% legit gold on gw2goldtaker!

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