Sujet : make me think!" As a result, the

make me think!" As a result, the laughter began. Chen Qiran fled to his seat with a red face. His squinting eyes have been sent to Chen Qiran to go to his seat, and his mouth keeps screaming: "Wow-oh! Wow wow--oh! Wow wow wow-oh!..." or "that???????, ??? underground, that waist west", waited for Chen Jiaxing to sit on the seat, buried her head in the arm, he pouted, a look of smirk, look at Chen Qiran I will look at Lu Rui for a while, and my mouth is still wide open. I keep repeating the call, and my eyes are slightly skewed. This made Lu Rui angry and angry, picked up the book, called his name and took it on his back. He shot it for several times, and he couldn't stop. This time, we laughed and hurt. Chen Qiran finally couldn't help it, and turned back and yelled at his name. At this time, he was still the same smirk, his head was slightly lower, his eyes were tilted up, and his mouth said: "Nothing - I didn't see anything!" - As a result, we laughed even more. It rang. Later, we learned that Lu Rui set a 6:40 alarm on the watch Marlboro Cigarettes Price. In this way, the classmates around us were all given by him.He also loves physical exercise and music. When he plays football in the class, the football team's striker and the school chorus team are all him. He is also very versatile. However, he seems to bring his natural suffocation to these two hobbies. When he played football, he not only moved his feet, but also kept his mouth talking. Not long ago, in the three-class football game, when the ball flew, one of the three classes of students was about to kick, and he yelled at the side: "Hey! Hey! Don't kick! Don't kick!" The classmate was disturbed by him, hesitated for a few seconds, and he kicked the ball away. He said, "Oh--this is right!" The three-class classmate was very embarrassed. When the school chorus is preparing to record the program, in the English class, I often see him watching the music of the English musical "Cat" in the table hole Online Cigarettes... He often uses music to attack people, the most famous is him. The two songs compiled: "Ah, haha, Hirakawa is a black cat sheriff, ah haha, Hirakawa is a black cat sheriff, Hirakawa is killing himself, killing himself, killing himself!" and "What is flying in the sky?" - Yangzi Yi or the Chinese alligator? I took the Yangzi easy to leave,  he is our Xu Ruihao, I am at the same table with him, so I know so much about him. Xu Ruihao is not a poor student, but he is a bad student. He is mischievous and very cute. He often brings us fun. Perhaps there are not many students in the world who are so individual but also lovable. ... well, just talk so much.