Sujet : The name "Lei Feng" is well known

The name "Lei Feng" is well known. He is a good son of the party, a good soldier. Although Uncle Lei Feng died at the age of 22, his heroic deeds are famous.here is such a sentence in Uncle Lei Feng??s diary: investing limited life into the infinite service for the people! Indeed, human life is limited, but serving the people is endless! We apply limited life to do more good things for the people and benefit the people, so that life has value and meaning. Compared with Uncle Lei Feng, I am too embarrassed. I used to do good things in the past. Basically, I did bad things. When I learned that Uncle Lei Feng is so self-denying, I understand that if I want to change myself, it is necessary to do something with meaning. Indispensable. I will try my best to learn his spirit of serving the people and giving up others!ncle Lei Feng's "nail" spirit is also worth learning! What to do is to squeeze time to delve into! I used to learn but never seriously, so sloppy, lazy, lazy, and learn as a burden, not for myself, but for parents. Since I learned that Uncle Lei Feng is very serious and hard-working for work and study Newport Cigarettes Price, I also secretly decided to study hard, to read good books for the motherland, and to be a capable and outstanding person! Think of learning as a pleasure and study for your future.Uncle Lei Feng was diligent and thrifty, and a pair of socks couldn't be rotted any more, and he was reluctant to throw it away. However, he donated 200 yuan to the government and the disaster area for a long time. At that time, his monthly salary was only 6 yuan! Many people say that Uncle Lei Feng is "stupid", but I don't think so. Uncle Lei Feng has a noble quality and saves himself to others. This is how fearless and self-denying, how worthy of our study! Now, there is a bad atmosphere around us. Many people usually spend a lot of money, but there are any charitable donations that are ignored Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, selfish, not thinking about the country, thinking about the society, thinking about the people. I must seriously study the spirit of Uncle Lei Feng's selflessness and self-denial! Although Uncle Lei Feng??s life is short-lived, it is very shining, and your spirit is immortal! I will remember your noble qualities and integrate them into my life!