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GTA V and FIFA 14 triumph in September in SpainPES 2014 , Diablo 3 and Kingdom Hearts Remix HD 1.5 are also in the top 10 salesGTA V has been the best selling game Fifa 14 Coins in Spain in September , followed by the two football titles released that same month , FIFA 14 and PES 2014 . This has been released on its website the Spanish Association of Distributors and Publishers Entertainment Software ( ADES ) .] Not surprised to see the title of Rockstar surround the top of the sales ranking flattery seeing criticism received by countries around the world and the amount of million dollars raised in the first hours and weeks on the market ( for example, managed to take with $ 800 million in its debutantes 24 hours ) . This figure and six more have served the sandbox even beat seven Guinness record related to video games and entertainment products .After the PS3 version of GTA V , in the second place sales ranking placed FIFA 14, also in the version for Sony's console , pursued by the Xbox 360 's new title from Rockstar . At the podium has been another football game this season , PES 2014 , FIFA 14 with 360 followed in the rankings. Also appearing in the top 10 of September sales Spain other titles like Diablo 3 or Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. Here we offer the best sellers list ( with the platform in brackets) :    GTA V ( PS3 )    FIFA 14 ( PS3 )    GTA V ( Xbox 360 )    PES 2014 (PS3 )    FIFA 14 ( Xbox 360 )    Diablo 3 ( PS3 )    GTA V : Special Edition ( PS3 )    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix (PS3 )    Disney Infinity + Starter Pack ( Wii )    Kingdom Hearts Remix HD 1.5 Limited Edition (PS3 )Are you surprised by the presence of any of these games in the top sales ? Do you have any?
The Sanctuary returns after his absence Barcelona in FIFA 13. The game EA Sports continues to increase licenses and offering more variety in contentEA Sports released the list of stages that appear in FIFA 14, a game that will be released this week in the world.The big news is the return of the Camp Nou, who returns after missing in FIFA 13. Furthermore, Goodison Park and La Bombonera appear as attractive surprises for football lovers.In all, 62 stadiums that will delight all 'Fiferos'.