Sujet : At E3 this year announced Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Bot

Final Fantasy XIV , teleporting between servers and Halloween partyWorld 's Transfer Service. This service will be called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will enable us to move characters from one world to ffxiv gil another , between game servers , to meet with friends who are inside an event in another world.But this will have a limited duration , and starting tomorrow and will finish in a week , on October 21 , according to Square Enix has announced .In between, from 18 October to 1 November , the MMORPG will hold a Halloween event in-game with the usual paraphernalia of pumpkins and skeletons that populate the streets of Eorzea .Called All Saint 's Wake , everything is filled with costumes and pumpkins lanterns , even a circus troupe will travel through the city- state so we can see them and talk to them in specific special mission.Final Fantasy XIV embarks followers of this popular series a multiplayer online adventure , set in the fantasy world characteristic . The game did not get the quality that is expected of him and its creators decided to change almost completely and make it a new game or review called Final Fantasy XIV Online : A Realm Reborn .Square Enix is bringing parallel the development of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts III XV , although intended to focus on a single one of them.Shinji Hashimoto, producer of Kingdom Hearts III , ff14 gil has preferred to err on the safe and clear to fans of the Kingdom Hearts series , which is the third installment we are still several years before being made available on the market : " At E3 this year announced Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Both have as director Tetsuya Nomura , so that we can create these two great games together. 's a complicated job because we want every game to be perfect in terms of quality , "says the IGN American average ."Many people have wondered over the years if Square Enix has been working on Kingdom Hearts III , and that's why we announced at E3 this year . But please , you must understand that there is much to do ," he says .Kingdom Hearts 3 will be launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a date yet to be confirmed.
As usual in the genre, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn held their Halloween party mode with a nice event to commemorate the Day of the Dead coating the world of Eorzea with ceremonial lamps, as players are dressed in all kinds of costumes inspired by this festival.In addition, a traveling circus troupe will tour the city-states of Eorzea at night, asking players a special mission among other surprises, including not miss the typical "trick or treating".On the other hand, since Square Enix have announced that the free global transfers begins tomorrow, and runs until Sunday October 21.  With this feature, players can move their characters to the world of their choice at no extra cost.